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The main goal of the BVS Spring Meeting is to provide an annual European forum for the communication and discussion of basic science research in the vascular field.


We aim to promote interaction between vascular biologists, vascular engineers and clinicians, enabling their discoveries to enhance our understanding and ultimately the management of vascular diseases.


Meetings will be held in London, Frankfurt and Leiden which have proven to be inspiring and friendly settings for senior and early career researchers; clinicians, academic and industry based scientists.

Meeting program and Highlights

Friday am workshop 

Preclinical cardiovascular workshop techniques

Friday pm and Saturday am

Abstract sessions and keynote lectures


Keynote speakers

Prof Jaap van Buul

How the endothelium guides leucocytes through the vessel wall

Dr Ilze Bot

Mast cells in vascular remodelling

Dr Alban Longchamps

Pre-operative protein restriction attenuates vein graft disease

Prof Sarah de Val

Early vascular development

Dr Gabor Foldes

Cardiovascular regenerative medicine

Dr Liesbeth de Jong

Novel cell therapies for peripheral arterial disease

Prof Carlijn Bouten

Regenerative medicine in aortic valve repair

Prof Jorn Lotsch

Methods of Informatics

Prof Ulf Hedin

Biobanking in Vascular Surgery


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